About Us

Evision Infotech

School Management Softwares

Evision Infotech was established in the year 2003 and incorporated in the year 2006. From the date of its establishment Evision Infotech had stuck to its core philosophy in every aspect of its working and was successful in developing numerous world class software products which have relevance in a wide variety of areas like, motels, schools, college, clubs etc.These products are continuously being upgraded and new features are being added to meet the requirements of clients in accordance with the changing business environment.

The working platform of all these products is windows based technology including Vb & ASP.Net as the main environment. The technologies that we use enables us to effectively monitor and service our applications without any time delay irrespective of the location of our clients all across the globe.

Business values

We believe that when it comes to optimizing the business, it needs multiple skills and competencies combined with technology-driven business solutions. Our well-honed capabilities and methodologies for IT services optimize and align our clients' business strategies with technology initiatives

Many companies choose a consulting firm that understands business strategies and is good at generating ideas, but lacks the technical expertise to turn those ideas into reality. Our services address specific needs of enterprise IT solutions, product development, engineering product design and data management.Others enlist a technology company that is adept at designing and deploying information systems but fail to comprehend the precise needs of the business. Therefore we stand to choose combination of both which will not leave you with snazzy new technologies that doesn't solve the problems at hand, or - worse still - create new problems altogether.